Before entering a new field,
we determine whether our
competencies will add long-term
value to that activity.

A decade of activity

Mohebi Investments was established in 2005. From our core activity of supporting the Logistics and Supply Chain industry we have expanded to include the Travel & Tourism industry, the Property market and most recently, Production.

We serve both an external and internal role. Where there is true potential, we seek ways to enhance it through planned and systematic support activities.

  • Our
    4-Step Process

  • Gradient-animation

A long-term partner

Mohebi Investments investigates promising future core competencies and then takes strategic investment decisions to acquire those skill sets. We set long-term goals to enter the fabric of such businesses and become a valued partner in their success.

Once a new set of skills has been added to the fold, we move to our internal role. We introduce and integrate them into our network. This allows our organization to evolve through constant exposure to new thinking and approaches and thus maintain its qualitative edge.

UAE Sectorial Growth 2013-2014

oil vs non-oil

The non-oil sector is driving growth in the UAE

Source: Ernst & Young Forecasts 2014