“The power of belief drives
people to achieve what they
initially supposed to be

Investment is a statement of trust

It comes after an extended period of study and evaluation. Embracing marketing knowledge, applying proven and realistic approaches together with a good dose of common sense has always defined our work at Mohebi Investments. So has a commitment to the long-term.

We follow a defined process and take measured steps to advance our projects. Equally we apply a high level of integrity. For such reasons we’ve earned a reputation for astute action and consistent results.

We don’t believe in short cuts for end result and neither do we ‘flip’ businesses. We don’t go into an investment looking at exit strategies, but rather to work for sustained performance over time.

A legacy to follow

Tradition and heritage are large influences too. My father and his father before him had the courage to learn, empower and innovate. They knew the power of wise investment and its ability to stimulate future growth and efficiency. We walk the same path.

It’s important to follow one’s vision and stand by one’s values. Their legacy has been proudly adopted by the entire Mohebi Investments management team.

As part of a family-based organization, we encourage a close and sharing relationship with all members of our community. We nurture the ‘power of belief’ because this is the key element that drives people to achieve what they had initially supposed to be unachievable.

The fact that we have a healthy bottom line does not come by chance. It’s because we care about the businesses in which we are involved, allow our people to find and apply their best talents, and address our corporate responsibility to our community and environment.

Mohammed Mohebi
Chairman & CEO

GDP growth in 2014

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Source: UAE National Bureau of Statistics